In 1991, the Trippen adventure begins: while pottering around an old lasts factory, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler discover wooden soles from the seventies. One year later, they present their first 60 shoes in a Berlin art gallery to great success. Following this accomplishment, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler bein to design closed shoes in a second development phase. The »Closed« collection is first showcased at a shoe fair in 1994, where it attracts international attention. However, the focus shifts to manufacturing, since the machinery required is not available in Berlin. The search for equipment leads to Italy, where the »Closed« collection can be produced by small family businesses, though convincing these businesses to produce shoes proved challenging for the two designers.

In 1996, Trippen is discovered by the Japanese market, where its popularity causes the company to outgrow its workshop and to embark on the establishment of its own production plant in Zehdenick in 1998. A continual flow of incoming orders and the development of new products ensure that the project gets off the ground. In early 2000, the company moves to new premises in Berlin-Treptow, where office, workshop, and warehouse are combine over 1,200 m². The showroom, sales, administration, shipping, quality control departments, the repair workshop, and the customer services division are united under one roof.

The course is set for Trippen’s continued growth as more and more Trippen-lovers emerge worldwide and new retail partners open partner shops.