Trend Theme Winter 17.18: Vulcanoes

​The Autumn/Winter 17.18 collection’s trend topic are »vulcanoes«. Heat, ash – and then the big freeze. When Mount Tambora, a volcano on the island of Sumbawa, erupted in April 1815, Switzerland saw snow that same August. Volcanoes mould the shape of the earth. Almost two thousand of them are active worldwide. The hot gases emitted by Kawah Ijen on the island of Java burn with a blue flame, Sakurajima is pelted by volcanic lightning flashes, Sinabung in Indonesia rains tonnes of grey ash, completely blanketing the landscape, and the red-hot lava from the volcanoes on the Aeolian Islands leave tuff structures and sulphur-yellow rock formations in their wake.

Trippen is fascinated by the latent danger and uncontrollable characteristics of volcanoes. When visiting the Aeolian Islands, this force of nature appeared a fitting allegory for for the current world situation. The diverse linear contrasts, including the break lines, light, shadow and colours typical of this strange landscape, are reflected in Trippen’s designs’ graphic silhouettes and material layers. 


Volcanic crater on the Aeolian Islands.